Super Mario Adventures Dub Narrative

The Super Mario Adventures comic has been dubbed over by several fans of the series in what I find to be a great narrative of this wonderful comic. For those of you who may not know, the Super Mario Adventures comic (written by Kentaro Takekuma and illustrated by Charlie Nozawa) originally appeared in Nintendo Power as a series of "episodes", with one episode being published per issue. The series went on for exactly 1 year with 12 issues. However, the series was later published into a full book. The comic is loosely based around the events of the game, Super Mario World.

It is definitely something that every Mario fan should read. So if you haven't read it, be sure to check out this video series! Even if you've read it, I would still recommend checking this out anyway though, simply because of how wonderful the dubbing is.

Just take a look at the first episode

The other episodes of the series can be found on the YouTube playlist. Unfortunately the dub series is only up to episode 7 currently, but they seem to be releasing two episodes every month so expect it to be completely finished soon. Additionally you may read the entire comic here on Boo Mansion.

Have you already read this comic? Did you enjoy the video series? Tell us in the comments below!
Posted by Booton on Aug 16 2012 11:35 PM.


Aug 16 2012 07:23 PM
It's a very nicely done fandub right there. All the voices share a similitude to their original counterparts, especially Toad's. And the acting's good, too, it's very annoying to listen to a fandub where they just read the lines, with no emotion at all.

Anyone who enjoyed this comic should definitely give this dub here a listen, it's worth it.
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Sαgε Kαzmα
Aug 16 2012 07:43 PM
Yet another piece of media I have to add to my list of reads/watches. I didn't even know about this honestly.
Oh no, something else I have to add to my watch list! I'm going to be so busy with this stuff. It's very well done, though.
Watched the first episode. Yeah, this seems like the level of quality that would come from Nintendo or something. I'll have to get around to watching the rest of the episodes.
Well, that's interesting~

Never really read the comics before but the video was entertaining~
Not a fan of the guy doing Luigi's voice. Or Bowser's voice. Or the narrator. Also, they really need better mics or a better sound editor because the audio quality was all over the map.

Still, this leads me to believe that a Mario cartoon can work.
The only problem with it really was toadstool voice sounded echoey, speaking of her voice I found it to sound a lot like mimi from the first digimon season (might have been the dutch dub for it though)

Yet another piece of media I have to add to my list of reads/watches. I didn't even know about this honestly.

Same here. Lol. This is actually quite interesting.

The No More Hero
Aug 20 2012 10:06 AM
Huh. I've always wanted to actually look up the comic on its own, but never got to it.

This may be better, I'll check this out now.
I'm surprised to see that there are several of you that haven't read this comic, despite us being one of the few sites that you can actually find it on.
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