New Super Mario Bros. 2 Released in North America

New Super Mario Bros. 2 has been released in North America. Unlike previous Mario titles, this game is the first to become available as a digital download. It can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Nintendo eShop. You don't have to worry about waiting on in-store shipments or going to the store to get it, you can purchase the game right now at home. Club Nintendo members will also receive 100 coins instead of the usual 50 for downloading the game.

Additionally, to celebrate the game's release, for the next two days posts made by the members of our site will receive twice the usual amount of coins. These bonus coins won't last long, but we hope members will take advantage of it while it's around!
Posted by Booton on Aug 19 2012 06:00 AM.

Just got this and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm definitely glad to see the Koopalings being used again.
How does it compare to the other NSMB games? I'm still not sure if I want to get it yet, although I guess it could take Dark Moon's place money-wise for now, with that delay.
I definitely like it more than NSMB but I'm not sure about NSMBW, we'll see once I complete everything. Yeah, it definitely helps with waiting for LM2.
I'm getting the retail.

I'm getting the retail.

The physical copy? That's what I got.

So I beat the game and am working on the after game stuff now.

The No More Hero
Aug 21 2012 10:05 PM
From what I've seen in a playthrough, it looks like a really fun game. The Golden Flower especially looks freakin' awesome. I might see if I get it.
It IS awesome (at least my thought) and I was 100% done (without 1000000 Coins)on the 2nd day. (Doesnt mean that it's short I completed NSMBWii in 2 days too ;).)
I should probably start working on a guide for this game soon. I still have a few more Star Coins I need to obtain though.
Welp, missed the in-forum event again.

In the mean time, I got the digital copy of NSMB2 and it's pretty really good! I love how much more crafty the star coins and secret exits are compared to the previous games. Also Coin Rush is so good.
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